[WEBINAR] Footsteps in Africa

  • March 7, 2024 - 2:00pm
Footsteps in Africa is a collection of independently owned and run camps, lodges and tourist integrated services in Northern Botswana. Our collection focuses on affordability, authenticity, adventure, and comfortable accommodation, with the emphasis on diversity of wildlife, activities, culture and landscapes.
Our main focus is on the experiences that we offer our guests. We Immerse our guests in the wondrous landscapes of Botswana while guiding them through the experience of viewing wildlife and interacting with and learning the ways of the gentle and wise local people.
PRESENTED BY: Sandy Fowler – General Manager



  • Date:March 7, 2024
  • Time:2:00pm
  • Partners:Footsets in Africa
  • Presenter:Sandy Fowler - General Manager